Halal Zulal.

Halal Zulal application was created to facilitate the Muslims of Germany in the selection of food products in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law.

Why Halal Zulal?

Many Muslims suffer from the problem of halal food discrimination. Therefore, the Halal Zulal application was created to facilitate the Muslims of Germany in the selection of food products in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law. Where he gives the provision of German food products in terms of the possibility of being addressed by Muslims or not easily Through the barcode on the packaging and the product.

amazing features

Halal Zulal is the best german halal food app. It is equipped with amazing features and comes with even more amazing support.


Barcode Scanner

The possibility of automatic scanning of the bar code of the product by mobile camera.


Manual Search

The possibility of manual entry of the code of the product in the space allocated to him.



The application can address the user in 4 languages (Arabic, German, Turkish and English).



The possibility of sending a picture of the products that do not exist automatically to us so that we can add them.



Show product components


Result Details

Giving a detailed product result.

Simple & easy to use


App Screenshots

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What They’re Saying

"بارك الله جهودكم ."

القائمين والعاملين على البرنامج يستحقون كل الاحترام .

Rashed Aburashed

تاجر أجهزة طبية‎

"تطبيق لا يستغني عنه أي مسلم "

في تركيا لدينا الكثير من المنتجات الألمانية وقد ساعدني هذا التطبيق باستخراج معظم المنتجات الحرام منها.

Esmail Alshikh

Co-Founder @ Aorta Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

In conjunction with the creation of the application (halal Zulal), we have created our channel on YouTube (Halal Zulal Food), which explains a lot of misconceptions. Please Subscribe with us, which we explain the concepts of halal food from time to time, and we also correct some common mistakes. The Link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4T_BNBPjAx2ACIZCpeZlDA

Due to the large number of images we received, we set the criteria for the priority of accepting pictures as follows: 1 - clarity of the image to show the shape of the product and its name 2- The largest number of users who asked about the product 3 - Provide a clear picture of the components.

Of course we will not say that the application is 100% true due to human errors, but the error rate is very low. Over time, errors will be greatly reduced thanks to users who send us their feedback via error reporting, and we also have a mechanism that we use to review the expected errors, all this for fear of Allah rather than the peopel's fear.

The application depends on the images taken from the users' phones and our role is limited only to the selection of the best picture among them.

Yeah. Search the App store for (Halal Zulal).

It can not work, but the user can use the scanner or manually enter the code for products and store them within the application and when connected to the network can get the result.

Any product that the user sends from any country with a picture of clear ingredients and is frequently asked by users will be entered by us.

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